Student Casa – New Website

Objective; New Website. Student Casa is a Student Accommodation Company based in Elche. Student Casa needed a smart modern website to attract clients worldwide to their business. Student Casa owns a number of Student Accommodation Properties in the close vicinity of the Universities in Elche, The website needed to be bright, and technically effective, with fantastic imagery to showcase their 5 Star rated fully inclusive Student Accommodation Facilities in Elche.


Activity; Alicante Studios brought together their experienced in-house team to provide the specialist skills for the Student Casa Website. The new and modern website was designed and created to be technically highly effective and proficient for all e-commerce solutions, with bespoke integration, and a full SEO package with a new branding style. Plus we sent our photographic team to capture the high spec facilities inside the apartments, and an outside crew to photograph the local attractions and beautiful locations to showcase on the website.


Video productions from previous tenant students were added to the website, to emphasise the very personal service that Student Casa offers to their student tenants.