We created a Brand which reflected the objectives of
Student Casa:

To create a comfortable, safe,and secure environment for
students to live, study, and enjoy university life.

The Brief

Our brief was to establish Student Casa as the Premier
Independent Student Accommodation Company in Elche.

The Brand had to connect with both Students and their Parents.

We saw the opportunity to create a truly special campaign
highlighting the benefits of their accommodation in a
wonderful and exciting city.


The Solution

The Student Casa Accommodation and Services are superior
in quality and sophistication to their competitors.

We designed the Brand to reflect their market position.

With clean and precise interior design graphics in bold
statement colours, and easy to understand information text
on their all inclusive price package.

We established a very successful Brand Identity and Website.

Work Completed

Campaign Strategy
Video Production
Commercial Photography
Social Media Setup

Professional Branding
connects Internationally.


Online & Accepting Bookings.

Mobile Ready. Online Everywhere.

87% of Enquiries Direct from
Mobile Devices.


The Results.

‘Recognised Brand’ for Student Accommodation.

100% Occupancy achieved in all of their properties.

Accommodation acquisition programme accelerated.