Introduction Videos; The reasons why business is so much better with video.

Why do I need an Introduction Video on my Home Page?


The answer is easier than you might first realise.

You need an Introduction Video on your Home Page to Boosts Conversions and Sales.


How else can an Introduction Video Benefit my Business?


An Introduction Video on your Home Page creates a fantastic first impression with your visitors.

The Video is your personal connection with visitors and builds a firm foundation of trust.


I hear that Introduction Videos improve Google Ranking.


Yes, Google loves Video.

You would have heard the phrase ‘search engine optimisation’ (SEO) a million times. By adding an Introduction Video to your website you will massively improve your SEO ranking and increase the traffic to your website.


Will an Introduction Video on my website appeal to Mobile Users?


Today a  mobile-friendly website with an Introduction Video is essential to a good business. ‘On the Go’ users do not want to read text, they want a video to explain and show then what your website offers

A professionally produced Introduction Video will be sized and coded especially for mobile users to download, and do not forget, mobile users are the fastest growing market online.


What is the Best Marketing Option for my Company to launch a new product?


A Marketing Video can explain everything about your new product instantly, and with a Professional Presenter your new product will have the best chance for immediate success.

A Marketing Video is the best method to communicate information online, text-only websites are ignored because visitors want visuals.


How can I convert a busy or a lazy visitor?


A Video is the greatest tool for learning and informing because it is super easy to connect to today’s modern world where our lives are too fast and too busy.

There is no time to read long product descriptions or complicated service instructions.

The modern customer demands to see a product video in action, and that is increasing the demand for video websites.


How can I get closer and be more personal with a client?


Video Emails are the fastest route to developing a close and trusting relationship with your clients.

Video emails stand out from other email communications and will get read and answered.

The advantages of sending video emails is that it accelerates engagement and connection with your clients and provides you the foundation for a long and successful business relationship with them.