Do I need a website?

The answer is yes, a professional and modern website is very important and essential to every business.

Today 85% of all consumers use the Internet to find a business for products, services or information.

If your business does not have a website these consumers will not be able to find you.


Google have 3.5 billion enquiries every day from their search engine and are heavily focused on local results.

So a website is even more important to you if you are a local business.

Your website will tell a client who you are, where you are, and what services or products you offer.


According to a study 85% of consumers use the Internet to find a local business.

What chance have they got finding you if you do not have a website?



Reach out locally, nationally, and to every corner of the world.

A business with a professional website can reach out to clients locally, nationally and internationally.

If you have a service or product that has global appeal and demand then a website is your ‘route one marketing tool’ to do business on an International scale.


Around-the-Clock Access 24/7/365.

Consumers can now shop online 24/7/365,  and at any time of the day or night a client can be researching your company, looking at your products or accessing your services.

A website is the only economical marketing tool that reaches potential clients 24/7/365.


Instant Communication with your clients.

So, at last, you now have a professional website and you have discovered the benefits of being able to communicate with your customers instantly.

New products and special promotions can be instantly advertised on your business website for free, eliminating the cost of mailings and flyer’s.  


The benefits of Social Media.

The world of Social media is an exciting and extremely profitable advertising platform when integrated with your new modern website.

Social media allows you to generate new clients, sell your products or services, and instantly enhance your Brand, all for free.


The Cost Savings are massive with your new modern website.

Once you have paid for a professional and modern website the cost of maintaining the site is minimal.

The cost of other advertising, especially newspaper advertising is hugely expensive, which means the return on investment on your website is better than any other advertising tool.


Attracting New Customers is easier from your professional website.

One of the top reasons for a professional website is the potential to attract new customers and generate new sales.

When consumers surf the Internet they immediately have access to your website, your products and services.


Without a professional website your business would not have the potential to increase sales and raise the awareness of your Brand.

Improve your customer service with the contact us section on your website that gives your customers access to ask a question, or notify you about a problem with your goods or services.


Greater Customer Convenience Levels.

Online consumers insist their online shopping experience is fast and very easy.

More and more consumers are using online shopping as their main shopping experience so maintaining a business website offers online consumers the ultimate convenient shopping experience.