Videos Worth Sharing – (Lux, Skittles, Dirt Devil)

Videos Worth Sharing - Alicante Studios

Our look at the best video campaigns across the internet.

Video can change your business in under one minute. These videos pull off clear ideas, powerful visuals and perfect execution in under 60 seconds.

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Lux | Save Your Skin

Lux has a family-friendly brand, and a really smart and imaginative
Marketing Agency producing great Video for them. Somehow this
unassuming Brand has managed to engage their audience with a powerful
horror story equal to the great Alfred Hitchcock.

Skittles | Tower of Terror

Skittles Tower of Terror Video is effective and engaging. Total Tower
of Terror style horror and fear is the perfect example of how far
confectionery marketing has come in the past 50 years.

Dirt Devil | The Best Exorcist Clip

Come and see the best video advertisement in 2017. The most fearsome
Antichrist meets the best Anti Climax. Dirt Devil just took Video
Marketing to a new level.