Videos Worth Sharing – (Adobe, Naadam, Dacia)

Videos Worth Sharing - Alicante Studios

Our look at the best video campaigns across the internet.

Video can change your business in under one minute. These videos pull off clear ideas, powerful visuals and perfect execution in under 60 seconds.

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Adobe |

”Keep it simple and keep it sweet” is a powerful advertising slogan,
combine that with a video, animation, and music and you have a winner,
Adobe has taken this premise and added humour to produce a film to
persuade its audience to visit

Naadam | An Endearing Tale from Naadam

Take an unbelievable tale, build it up and add humour. Featuring two
great friends, this video tells the amazing story of their journey to
Mongolia and their success in starting a company selling cashmere.

Dacia | Don’t Look at the Car

Dacia Advertising sells the basic necessity of a car and not a Dacia
Car. Do not look at the car just ask yourself what you need from a car
and this philosophy works for the Dacia Brand.