Modern Living with Website’s, Google, Social Media and Mobile Telephones.

But there is no Turning Back, so do not panic, it is called Progress.

Alicante Studios respond to the latest revelations about Google and Online Marketing.

Yes, 80% prospective buyers of products and services go to an online search engine provider before making a decision about buying and the majority of these choose Google.
Yes, in the next 18 months this figure could rise to 95%.
Yes, it is absolutely essential for all starter, small, medium and large companies to have a website.
Yes, these statements frightening, and there is a danger of excessive monopolisation.
Yes, online websites selling products and offering services are killing the High Street Stores.
Yes, Google is at the top of the Online Marketing World
Yes, Online Stores are here to stay and the demise of High Street Stores is sad but a fact of life.
But, Who killed the High Street?

Not Online Stores.

Consumers Killed The High Street

Consumers killed the High Street.

By demanding a better way to buy, a better way to research, and a better way to purchase a service. The online stores came along and provided this for consumers and so much more, in the same way Google is getting bigger fuelled by the needs of consumers. Google are the best, it is as simple as that, and they will remain the Top Dog until someone else comes along.

Online Stores today are not just 4 pages of text and the odd picture.

Today a modern professional website produced, designed and created by Alicante Studios will have, Fabulous videos on the Company, their products and services and Talking Head Videos of the owners and Staff.
Video Production Marketing captures attention, making the website more visible in searches, converting prospects into sales, and is very personal on a one to one basis. Allowing websites to be very close to clients.

Businesses who incorporate Video to showcase their Brand reach wider audiences.

69% of us prefer to watch videos than reading the text.
Prospects spend 88% more time on a video website.
64% of consumers are more likely to buy a product after watching a video.
The ease of buying products, asking questions and arranging a service is so simple for the consumer today. A website from Alicante Studios is more than sophisticated engineering, it is informative, entertaining and they make it so easy to close the deal and take the payment.
A website from Alicante Studios is a balance of informative text, photographs that say a thousand words, and videos that tell the story of the Company.

What Is Search Engine Optimisation [SEO] and Why Is It Important?

SEO is the process to optimise a website for search engines to improve your page rankings. SEO is essential because 95% of users immediately go to the top 5 ranked companies listed on results pages such as Google and a website needs to be in that top position.

Social Media love it or hate it? Whatever your answer is, do not waste too much time thinking about it, because Social Media is here to stay and will keep getting bigger by the minute.
Today Social Media is used as a tool to selectively drive prospective clients to websites. Social Media is very powerful and managed correctly provides consistent client traffic to websites, and at the same time provides news and shares views and information to the millions of users worldwide.
Social networks are one of the fastest growing marketing channels in the world and are projected to continue to grow by 25% year on year. For a Company with a website, every time they participate on a Social Media Platform it increases their Brand Awareness.
Brand Awareness and Visibility is valuable, it also simultaneously stimulates Businesses making it easier to be found on the internet and more accessible for new customers.

Brand familiarity is the new route one to success, and Social Media is the provider.

Thirty years ago a mobile phone resembled a brick that you needed a case to carry the phone around in, because they were incredibly heavy. Today we slip them in a pocket.
Up until 10 years ago, a Mobile Telephone was a means of contact on the move, security for a loved one out alone, or access in an emergency.
Today, Mobile Telephones are an extension of the human body, the third hand. Everyone has one, often two, and they are now embedded in our Modern World.

Mobile Consumers - Social Media & Video Marketing

Personal Communication is now the least important application of Mobiles or tablets. Today it the sharing of information.
Mobiles or tablets are the computer on the move.
Online trading via Mobiles or tablets is the fastest growing market in the world today. Telephone Online Usage is massive, more clients are now using Mobiles online than a traditional laptop or desk computer.
This is a massive new business opportunity, and Alicante Studios believe it is absolutely essential to establish your company in this new market.