Indisputable and Undeniable Evidence Why Video Works for Ecommerce Sites

So you sell online, and you want to sell more, right?

Good, we are on the same page, however, E-commerce is a tough and competitive world, where the competition is everywhere and getting better every day. So what can you do to give yourself the best chance of success?

Well reading this blog is a smart move, to begin with.

Today, I am going to tell how Video for ecommerce makes a really positive difference to your website.

Here is how Professional Video Production can Help your Ecommerce Website

Product video engage your clients on a personal level and it is a fact that from a Video Production your chances of closing a deal immediately are 35% better.

Online shopping has now overtaken the world market.

Why? Well, there are many reasons but for sure the convenience, flexibility, a full range of choice with all and any products, and buying from the comfort of your own home are right up there on the list, and that list just goes on and on.

The downside to selling online is that customers can not get all touchy feely with the item they want to buy. They want the lower online price, they want the better online service, they want to not have to travel to buy, and still, they hesitate from buying without touching.

They want to hold items in their hands before handing over their cash. How annoying is that?

You have to understand that when anyone makes a purchase there is an element of assumption involved.

Yes ”assumption” and all of us with an online website know just how frustrating it is, when a buyer hesitates before pressing ”Pay Now”

After all, you have created a state of the art website, and used high-quality product imagery to allow your clients to see just what a fantastic product you are selling. You have endless text, to convince them that you are trustworthy and are only sell quality merchandise, and still, the client hesitates at the final second.

Ok, so I have held your interest for the past 5 minutes whilst you have trolled through this blog, so now for the Eureka Moment.

Without a Video Production, you will never move on in business.

For every 3 ”I want to touch and feel clients” who hesitate at the final moment and do not buy, and then go and buy down the High Street and probably pay a great deal more, did you know that with a product video you will win one of them back?

Get customers back with a Product Video

One in three ”walking away” deals back in the bank is a nice statistic.

Hold that thought for a moment.

If you can have one in three ”dead in the water” deals back, just imagine how much better the overall performance of your website will be with the less inclined touchy-feely brigade of clients.

Studies have found that, across the board, visitors who view product videos are generally 85% more likely to buy than visitors who do not.

Why? Because visitors spend longer on sites with video.

And that friend is called expansion.

Now you are in the expansion mode with your business.

Now go and arrange a Video shoot.