Good News from Alicante Studios for Online Internet Businesses.

Researchers have confirmed that prospective clients, who visit a website are 85% more likely to buy or complete a service contract with an online company that uses a Video Production to show their products and services.

Alicante Studios produce engaging, effective and professional videos for online businesses, and they are the leading Video Production Studios in the south of Spain

Video Production is also good for your SEO.

Higher SEO Ranking with Professional Video Production for your Online Business

Yes, search engines love the video, and as an online business, your visibility on search engines is incredibly important.

Did you know that a staggering 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine, and 75% of users never scroll past the first page of results?

At Alicante Studios, we offer a professional optimisation of your website. The results prove that with professional optimisation will increase the chance of a front-page Google.

On average a prospective client visiting a website without a Video Production will stay less than a minute, and some visitors often leave within just 10-20 seconds. This is an incredibly short period of time to sell the benefits of your products or services.

The answer is very simple.

A Video Production from Alicante Studios is an incredibly effective and personal way to communicate with your clients, transmitting essential information to your client within 60 seconds, equivalent to someone reading and understanding clearly a similar amount of information in one hour.

Proven results when professional video is used on your business website

You could continue to spend huge amounts of time and money on creating compelling text for your website, articulating endlessly and often at the risk of sending a client to sleep, in a berating style the benefits of your products, but it will never be as effective as Video.

If you love a statistic, one minute of video production is worth a million words of text!

Why is a Video Production from Alicante Studios worth a million words?

Because we are all guilty of being lazy, it is so much easier, so much more enjoyable, so less time consuming to have all the facts, figures and information read to us with a few pictures and a nice easy listening tune.

If you are now thinking seriously about the future benefits of Video Production from Alicante Studios for your Business and your next question is;.

”Ok, I’m convinced: where do I start?”

Why not get in touch with us for an informal, friendly, no obligations meeting at Alicante Studios?