Bringing an Accountant to Life….Now there is a Contradiction in Terms

Filmed in their new studios in Alicante, a Talking Head Video was completed in one day and helped bring a human side to the very serious side and slightly dull side of an Accountant.

Alicante Studios also created a new website for their client, an Accountancy Company, who specialise in Company Accountants, Investments, and Tax Advice.

David Diggle Accountant New Website

The challenge for Alicante Studios was to ensure the Talking Head Video for the Accountant was engaging, informative and respectful to the services that were offered by their client.

Clearly, a soap-styled video aimed at a TV Big Brother’s target audience would not have been appropriate.

Creating a Video Production for an Accountant, of course, needs to be more than just engaging, there must also be a lively and varied edge to the production to ensure the viewing audience actually like the Company and the Presenter.

In addition, the Video Production from Alicante Studios was required to be a teaching aid to the services on offer from their client.

It’s fair to say the client was extremely happy with the project from Alicante Studios and praised the storyline and script. For this Alicante Studios sourced the native speaking actors.

Talking Head Video for Accountant

Alicante Studios produced a short video trailer advertising the Accountancy Company, and balanced the production with a central theme tune that Alicante Studios had written especially for their client, a theme tune that their client will introduce into further Video Productions and their new website created by Alicante Studios Website Designers.

According to Alicante Studios a successful website and video production project are when they are completed on time, and within budget, and the client starts to heap the rewards in terms of brand awareness, and new prospective clients immediately.

Never again in the future will Accountants be deemed dull and boring thanks to Alicante Studios.