David Diggle – SEO Search Engine Optimisation

Objective; SEO Search Engine Optimisation. To ensure the new modern website is optimised and technically correct. To enable clients to find David Diggle Financial Services across all the devices quickly, on a desktop, tablet, and mobile telephone.

Activity; The David Diggle SEO strategy was locally based. The objective was clear and Alicante Studios were focussed on establishing the website in the local regions.

Correct and effective search engine optimisation (SEO) was a necessity for David Diggle to gain greater visibility and awareness with search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Alicante Studios focused on customer engagement and conversion rates, whilst creating a strategy that evaluated and acted upon the constantly changing rules and evolution of the Search Engines.

Alicante Studios accurately utilised relevant descriptive information throughout the website, vital to growing interest at a regional level.