David Diggle – New Website

Objective; New Website. To create a modern integrated website, that would embrace and be interactive with the ever-developing social media networks, and to ensure the website explained the services the company provided.

The service provided by David Diggle Financial Services is very important and consequential. A huge responsibility is undertaken when they offer financial advice.


The objective was to create a platform where the Company could tell their story in a responsible, informative and very personal way.

Activity; Alicante Studios designed and created a new modern website that was branded in a clean and clinical format as befitting the nature of the professional services offered by the Company.


The website content is video led with the owner performing very well, telling his own story, detailing his own expertise and extensive financial experience, and concisely and precisely explaining the full package of financial services the Company provided.

The brand’s new website has been designed and created to perform efficiently, and to be user-friendly, informative and engaging with Search Engine Optimisation.