David Diggle – New Branding

Objective; New Branding. To design and create a new brand style. That is above all, conducive to establishing the specialised financial services offered by the Company.

A brand style that embodies the virtues of this Company; Professionalism, Trust, Expertise, and Credence.


Activity; Alicante Studios branded David Diggle Professional Financial Services with a distinctive appearance, determined by the principles to which the Company operates.

Alicante Studios made the visual identity of David Diggle the most important aspect of the brand, to set the tone of the Company, to represent the values of the brand, and to give a strong starting point for further marketing.


We very astutely maintained a consistent visual identity in the David Diggle branding since it is how people recognise a brand.

Having set the brand style format, Alicante Studios ensured the David Diggle Marketing Strategy stayed on track with personal video appearances of the owner maximising the effectiveness of the value of the four core virtues David Diggle wanted in his brand, Professionalism, Trust, Expertise, and Credence.