Videos Are The Most Popular Marketing Tool in the Box.

Video is now the most favoured Marketing Choice.


According to a recent study video was voted the most successful marketing strategy by International Brands.


It is no surprise! Because it is a fact companies using video enjoy 74% more sales conversions.


Video is ranked as the most viewed type of website content and directly instrumental in the buying decision process.


Website visitors switch off to endless pages of text and leave the website.


The preference for watching videos over reading text extends a visitors stay by 90% making video content the fastest route to an online sale.


Video is now the top salesperson online.


Video is also the champion on Social Media.


People share video more often than any other image or written text.


Video is a great money saving strategy and gives you the best return on investment.[ROI]


Video is so versatile.


Create an Introduction Video, Corporate Video or Product Video and use it time after time on Special Promotions, Social Media, In-House Loop TV Advertising, Email Messages……the list goes on and on and on!


So when it comes to reaching out to potential markets, nothing seems to beat a video to close the deal.


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