The Video Revolution is taking over.

Videos are taking control of Social Media and define brands. Videos are now the most cost-effective method to connect with any consumer audience.


Incredibly 96% of B2B companies use video for content marketing and will be increasing their budgets on video marketing.


Videos Decide Your Public Image.


Public Image is paramount to every business and should never be underestimated.


Videos build trust and without trust consumers will not buy your products or services.


Videos build an image. This is the major part of every corporation’s branding campaign.


Video effectively introduces your company to your consumer audience and build greater credibility with the public


Video persuades your consumer audience to buy from you and If you have a new product or want to improve your brand recognition video is the best way to go.


Event/Conference/Exhibition Videos.


Are you building a showcase stand for an exhibition?


Be sure to include monitors. The most effective are flat screens, laptops, or tablets where you can run a loop video to showcase your company and your products..


Social Media Videos.


Social Media is a hungry animal and video feeds and dominates Social Media platforms.


YouTube. Facebook. Instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest sharing have insatiable appetites for video.


Testimonial Videos.


Testimonials Videos are the the ultimate marketing tool to say I love you, I trust you and I want everyone to be connected with you.Your customers love to hear other people share their experiences with your Company.


That’s their power!! And what better way to do that than through video. Prospectives customers love to see people giving feedback. They can hear their accents, their praise, their mannerisms and they become connected to you and your Company.


Recruitment Videos. Training Videos. Information Videos….the list goes on.


Videos are now more popular than ever before because they give information, faster, clearer and they entertain.


They highlight selling points and instantly improve the public opinion of you and your Company.


Your Next Step.


A lack of video on your website is no longer acceptable.


Contact Alicante Studios today and ask us how a video marketing strategy can best fit your needs.