Videos Worth Sharing – (Marmite, McDonald’s, Art Fund)

Videos Worth Sharing - Alicante Studios

Our look at the best video campaigns across the internet.

Video can change your business in under one minute. These videos pull off clear ideas, powerful visuals and perfect execution in under 60 seconds.

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Marmite | So, you think you know someone

Yes, we all know the slogan, love it or hate it, this video flips the
slogan over and asks how well we know someone close, a beautifully
crafted and expertly acted effective marketing video.

McDonald’s | No Car Drive-Thru Day

McDonald’s in Brazil celebrated World Car Free Day with an animated
video production. A Simple, amusing, and energetic video from the
world’s greatest marketing company.

Art Fund | Hands up if you prefer Dali.

We all see Art differently, whether we prefer Dali, Picasso, or
Pollock, we all respect their individual genius. The UK Art Fund
produced this off the wall video to advertise their National Art Pass.