Videos Worth Sharing – (Lynx, Hardee’s, Dove)

Videos Worth Sharing - Alicante Studios

Our look at the best video campaigns across the internet.

Video can change your business in under one minute. These videos pull off clear ideas, powerful visuals and perfect execution in under 60 seconds.

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Lynx | Boys, and Lynx.

Lynx is a famous brand built on a great product for boys. Their video
is confusing with little connection to the product, someone,
somewhere, is struggling to justify the cost of this production.

Hardee’s | Not Hardee Finest Moment

Hardee’s have long floundered in the footsteps of McDonald’s and their
latest video has failed to make any impression on their audience. Time
to get back to the storyboard.

Dove | Why state the obvious?

Dove has built their brand on feminist-beauty. Today everyone is more
liberal, open-minded, educated, and appreciative of the progression to
equal rights, so why state the obvious?