Videos Worth Sharing – (Finlandia, Nike, CrowdStrike)

Videos Worth Sharing - Alicante Studios

Our look at the best video campaigns across the internet.

Video can change your business in under one minute. These videos pull off clear ideas, powerful visuals and perfect execution in under 60 seconds.

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Finlandia | Cheers

Finlandia is acclaimed for the distinctive taste and purity of its
Vodka. This remarkable short advertisement tells the story of the
history of Finlandia, the fascinating kaleidoscope of colour, sound,
and motion heightens your senses.

Nike | Air Max Anniversary

To commemorate the 30 year anniversary of Air Max trainers, Nike
produced this hallucinating advert. The combination of animation set
alongside live-action clips in a unique style represents the real
value this footwear means to the countless Nike owners.

CrowdStrike | Fal.Con Conference

CrowdStrike Cybersecurity and Intelligence offer counter- threat
services. They produced this video for their Fal.Con Conference. The
video serves as a promotional film explaining the important services
they offer.