Are you concerned about sales? Then take a look at your website.



  1.  Is your business website more than 5 years old?  If so it is probably slow and out of date for modern security, SEO and mobile phone users.


  1.  Check your website, is it giving a good first impression?  Your business website is your shop window and a direct reflection of your business.


  1.  Are you making the best use of your website with introduction and product videos? Websites are the most cost effective marketing and will give you the best return on investment. [ROI].


  1.  How many times do you go online to a website for a product and service and leave immediately? Did you know you have between 2 to 4 seconds to engage your visitors and convert them into customers before they leave.


  1.  Is your website page after page of boring text that your clients do never read? Custom videos on your website engage your customers and tell them your message quickly and easily.


  1.  Are you missing out on the biggest and fastest growing sector of the market?  Your website and website videos should be able to be viewed by mobile phone users, the biggest and fastest growing sector of the market.