Alicante Studios Advertising and Marketing Agency Chinese Business Service.

Alicante Studios are a Family Business and a subsidiary of Wheeler International who have been established for 50 years in Europe.


For the past 15 years they have had an office in Hong Kong and are very active trading in China.


Alicante Studios utilise their expert advertising, marketing and creative talent with their experience of the Chinese Market to offer a Direct Business to Market Service between China and Europe.


Direct Business To Europe from China.


Trade relations between China and Europe are very stable and tariffs are extremely favourable.


They encourage the building a long and successful trading relationship in one of the biggest markets in the world.


A permanent presence in Europe is a key strategic element to the Direct Business to Market Service.


China and Alicante Studios Alliance; Chinese Products Launched Direct into Europe.


The European Market is huge and offers many lucrative opportunities to Chinese Companies wanting to export direct to European buyers.


The biggest opportunity in the Business World today for Chinese Companies is a direct route to the European Market.


Why Alicante Studios are the Gateway to the Business Opportunities in Europe.


Alicante Studios is more than just a Digital Advertising and Marketing Agency.


They provide a unique business to business service from China to Europe.


Chinese Companies already have great products and services, but need to be Westernised with European innovative marketing strategies.


In summary, ideas and a strategy for your brand to communicate with buyers in the West in a Western style.


How can Alicante Studios help your Company Succeed in a Foreign Market?


Communicate in all the different languages.


Understand cultures and the Law.


Introduce Accountants, Lawyers, and Banks.