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China is Europe’s major two way trading partner

China is Europe’s major two way trading partner

There is a natural affinity and respect between Europe and China.

Chinese tourists visiting Europe have trebled in the past 5 years and in 2020 it is expected 15 million Chinese tourists will visit Europe.

Making China the most valuable tourism market for Europe.

The Chinese population of International Students studying in Europe is growing year on year.

China is a major source of foreign investment in Europe.


Alicante Studios offer business opportunities for European and Chinese Companies.

Alicante Studios are very experienced in the Chinese and European markets, with offices in Alicante, London and Hong Kong.

Our Business Services offer the opportunity for Chinese Companies to expand into the European Market.

In addition we offer the opportunity for European Companies to expand their business in China.

Europe and China enjoy a safe trading relationship with low tariffs and excellent logistics.


China is the world’s second largest economy after the United States.

China is the biggest trading partner for most Asian economies and it is an expanding market for EU businesses.

EU exports have increased by over 35% in the last 5 years.

Benefits for EU Businesses include:

Largest country in the world by population.

Fast growing economy and consumer market.

An increasing number of middle income consumers.

Forecast to be the world’s largest luxury goods market by 2020.

In excess of 160 cities of 1 million plus inhabitants.


Together with the United States and China, the EU is one of the 3 largest global players in International Trade.

Our professional team is committed to helping Chinese enterprises become genuine successful businesses across Europe.

The EU is an attractive market to do business.

Benefits for Chinese Businesses include:

500 million consumers looking for quality goods.

The world’s largest single market with transparent rules and regulations and fair and established low tariffs.

A secure legal investment framework that is amongst the most open in the world.

Europe is the most open market to Chinese Companies looking to expand their interests in Europe.

Our team of professionals can help you build your business strategy and realise the tremendous business opportunities open to you. Visit us today at