Student Casa – Video Production

Objective; Video Production. A video is very important to our clients
Student Casa, as a high-end student accommodation provider, video
production is necessary to fully elaborate on the quality of the
facilities available at the apartments in Elche.

As an expanding Company, Student Casa required quality videos that
would accelerate the growth of their Brand and Video is the most
effective marketing aid to raise the awareness of a Brand.

Activity; Alicante Studios produced a huge number of video
productions for Student Casa, explainer, promotional, and brand
building productions to achieve the requirements of our client,

Alicante Studios also produced a number of tenant satisfaction and
tenant recommendation videos to promote the forthcoming new Student
Casa apartments.

With an emphasis on entertainment, engagement, and connection to the
audience, and to create a personal friendliness between the
International Students of Student Casa across all the audience
platforms, desktop, tablet and mobile telephones.