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King’s College London Interview

The Brief: We were privileged to record a conversational interview with the Pioneer of CRISPR (Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats) Dr Francisco Mojica for Australian Television. Filmed on location

Atache Advertising Video

The Brief: Attache is an International Brand with many quality products. Our brief was to tell viewers why the Attache Brand and Products are unique and different from others and

Atache TV Advert

The Brief: The TV Advert for Atache was very successful and demonstrated that television is an incredibly powerful tool. We used Stop Motion Animation to share the Atache message with

Vincent Real Estate Corporate Video

The Brief: To celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Vincent Real Estate and the up and coming Overseas Property Show in the UK, our objective was to represent the Vincent Real

Paco Tora Business Development

The Brief: The brief from Paco Tora was to for their Brand to have global access to worldwide markets 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our proposal was

LAMB Clothing Text Animated TV Advert

The Brief: Creating the perfect Text Animation Video is a clearly defined process. Our brief was to write a solid video storyboard aimed at the target audience with a direct

Simple Security Animated TV Advert

The Brief: A Creative TV Animation Advertisement was the most powerful way to promote Simply Security. Our brief was to produce a very simple creative animated advertisement that included various

Retro Europe Product Photography

The Brief: Retro Europe have a clearly defined Brand and Customer Demographic and they were looking for distinctive Commercial Product Photography that perfectly matched the personality of their target market.

Retro Europe Business Development

The Brief: Our objective with the Retro Europe Website was to develop the Brand, promote the products and ensure the website was technically sound. We started with a solid website

Heimlich Viral Video

The Brief: Have you ever noticed that the most popular Viral Videos do not talk about the features of the product or service, the inherent benefits or the bargain price,

Pekebaby Product Photography

The Brief: To create the best Product-only images for Pekebaby, and to show the products from all relevant angles and create a consistent look we shot the images on a

Alicante Property Interview Video

The Brief: Our brief was to record a video to raise the Brand awareness and Property Sales at Alicante Property with the President of Alicante Property appearing in front of

World Padel Tour Alicante 2018

The Brief: Our brief from the Federation of Padel in the Netherlands was to film the Dutch players in action at the World Padel Tour Alicante 2018 and take action

Palm Beach Club Promo Video Advert

The Brief: Our brief was for the Palm Beach Promo Video was to engage the eyes, ears, heart and mind of the audience and ensure the message came across in

Paco Tora Product Photography

The Brief: All e-commerce retailers appreciate the importance of great product photography to improve sales, heighten engagement and raise the awareness of their Brand. Paco Tora sell a high quality

Paco Tora Models Photoshoot

The Brief: Our brief from Paco Tora was to introduce models into the video and photographic images to provide visual support to enhance the quality and perceived value of the

Paco Tora Corporate Video

The Brief: Paco Tora commissioned a Corporate Video to accelerate website traffic, increase their SEO ranking and raise their Brand awareness. We edited clips of the Corporate Video for their

ECCH Christmas Video

The Brief: As the year comes to an end Alicante Studios create the Christmas Video for Elche Children’s Care Home Charity. Christmas Charity Videos are a fantastic medium for charities

AFL Website video

The Brief: AFL understood that to attract, engage and bring visitors to their website they needed an innovative video. The AFL website video was crucial to the success of the

David Diggle Interview Video

The Brief: Prospective customers who look at personal videos of Professional Services Providers are 85% more likely to trust the provider and become a client. Our brief was to film

Student Casa Video

The Brief: There is no better way to show off the virtues of a Student Casa Apartment than with a walk-through video. Our objective with our walk-through video was to

Adventure Advertising Video

The Brief: Our objective is always the same with all Adventure Advertising Videos, to make a video everyone will love to watch. This project was made very easy for Alicante

Retro Europe Office Chair Features Product Video

The Brief: What makes a successful Features Product Video? Our objective in crafting the perfect Features Product Video was to identify the problem and execute the solution, and with out

Retro Europe Spiers Sofa Product Video

The Brief: With the Spiers Video our aim was to showcase the Retro Europe Brand and differentiate the Sofa from the millions of other similar models. The Retro Europe Spiers

Retro Europe Le Bauhaus Product Video

The Brief: Sales of the Le Bauhaus have proved this is the most successful video we have created for Retro Europe. The client had great expectations when Le Bauhaus was

Retro Europe Kiss Sofa Product Video

The Brief: We put our heart and soul into developing perfect product videos, but even the best product videos need to be marketed well. Amongst the most effective ways to

Retro Europe Eiffel Table 3 Product Video

The Brief: We were able to help Retro Europe with distinctive Product Videos to raise the awareness of their Brand and to accelerate sales of their products through Lifestyle Style

Retro Europe Eiffel Table 2 Product Video

The Brief: Working with Retro Europe to create lifestyle video content for their products was such a great time. Retro Europe were looking for a way to engage their audience

Retro Europe Eiffel Table Product Video

The Brief: Our brief from Retro Europe was to create a product video for the Eiffel Table and Chairs. The statistics regarding the popularity of video marketing don’t lie—and if

Retro Europe Spiers Table Product Video

The Brief: Retro Europe Spiers Table Product Video. Our brief from Retro Europe was to create a Spiers Table and Chairs product video for Social Media. Half a billion people

Costa Hotel & Resort Advertising Video

The Brief: Our clients asked us why consumers were not booking their hotel. Our answer was simple, consumers would be ready to book your hotel if your website had professional

Hong Kong Tennis Tournament Advertising Video

The Brief: Great Animation and Power Text Statements made this video hugely successful creating a massive interest in the forthcoming event and the National Brand. Our brief was to get

Naturele Digital Display

The Brief: We created the Naturele Digital attention grabbing Display Advertisement with dynamic contextual content updates in a modern easy to engage style. Digital Display Advertising is Cost-Effective and boosts

HUWA MYPAD Advertising Video

The Brief: Our brief was to create a video to launch a new product from China and to bring the product to life through sight, sound and motion. We built

Black Friday Animated TV Advert

The Brief: Our brief was to create a cost effective TV Advert that could be utilised on other platforms, with a high perceived value and be memorable. An Animated TV